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Key Benefits of HQLAx


We enable clients to have far greater control of their collateral - because HQLAx
eradicates inefficiencies, imprecision and complexity
dramatically improves mobility
creates the ability to exchange at precise times


Transfers take place at precise, designated moments in time, and by creating a secure and accurate record​, we help ensure the right collateral gets to the right place at the right time. 
We remove uncertainty by reducing credit risk, operational risk and settlement failures​.


We help our clients better optimize the allocation of their long inventory of securities to meet their ever-expanding collateral obligations, to become more productive and profitable.

Our Solutions

Execute frictionless, precise and real-time transfer of ownership to meet a wide variety of collateral obligations.

HQLAx can be applied to several different collateral obligation types, including: collateral upgrade/downgrades, managing intercompany exposures, posting variation margining for OTC
derivatives, and repo transactions.

DvD Securities Lending

DvD (‘Delivery vs. Delivery’) is the simultaneous exchange of securities versus securities.

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Margin Management

We can leverage our platform for managing margin exposures, both for over-the counter (OTC) and central counter party (CCP) derivative exposures.

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DvP Repo

Delivery versus payment (DvP) stipulates that the buyer's cash payment for securities must be made prior to or at the same time as the delivery of the security.

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