Our Platform

Our proprietary platform is unique in coupling the benefits of DLT with existing triparty and custody infrastructure, making it easy for clients to improve their collateral mobility and avoid costly intraday liquidity.

It has been developed in partnership with major
Tier 1 banks, Deutsche Börse and R3 Corda.


We have been operating successfully since 2017 in a highly regulated market. We have 12+ Tier 1 strategic partners across the industry.
We were the first to complete a security lending transaction on blockchain (2018), and the first to demonstrate a cross-chain repo swap (Dec 2022).
Synchronized to adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements, and meets the highest privacy demands.


Developed for the market, by the market - alleviating pain points and making the exchange of assets simple and easy.
Our solution is fully integrated into existing infrastructure and the legal frameworks that govern that infrastructure.
The large custodians and tri-party providers are connected on the platform to enable collateral to move freely and precisely.


Flexible - The benefits can be applied to several different collateral obligation types, including collateral upgrade downgrades, managing intercompany exposures, posting variation margining for OTC derivatives, and repo transactions.​
Capable - the HQLAx platform can accommodate high volumes across multiple markets.​
Expanding - already established in the market with Tier 1 partners, we are able to maximise the ‘network effect’ that will drive widespread adoption of the platform.

Without HQLAx

With HQLAx

Collateral optimization within silos
Collateral optimization across silos
Cross-custodian movements
Reduced cross-custodian movements
Only by end-of-day
At precise moments in time (real-time)
Only when custodians are open
When you want (outside custodian cut-off times)
No Delivery vs Delivery (DvD)
With DvD
With settlement risk
Reduced settlement risk
Consumes costly intra-day liquidity
Reduced intra-day liquidity consumption

Our Platform

Agreed between counterparties
Record of ownership of securities
Holds securities at triparty agents
and custodians on behalf of participants
Triparty agents and custodians

Redefining Collateral Mobility

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How it works

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